Our Ministries


  • Audio Visual – This ministry handles the technical needs of the congregation
  • Building – This ministry is devoted to the internal and external upkeep of the facilities
  • Children & Youth – This ministry caters to the ever evolving needs of the children and youth in the community and congregation, especially the needs of teens who are often discriminated against.
  • Ecclesiastical – This ministry handles the needs of worship service
  • Educational – This ministry is developed to share the message of Christ and tools for living an effective life
  • Health & Wellness – This ministry is designed to minister to the bodily needs of the community & congregation with specific dedication to those dealing with HIV/AIDS.
  • Margins – This ministry is complied of those who seek to minister to those on the margins of society.
  • Music & Arts – This ministry is designated to address all needs of the congregation as it concerns music and the arts, included but not limited to spoken word, dance, mime, recording reproduction, and music during all gatherings.
  • Prison – This ministry is a group who are specifically focused on those who are incarcerated and transitioning to and from incarceration and their families. This ministry is geared towards helping ex-offenders find housing, employment, and reestablish a healthy and well adjusted life.
  • Senior Advocacy – This ministry is focused on being a voice of advocacy and partnership with the senior residents of the north side of Pittsburgh.
  • Social Justice – Concerned group devoted in the mission of Christ to promote, advocate for, and witness to the calling for social justice in our community and society.
  • Overcomers – Support group focused on the leading of the Holy Spirit in overcoming all forms of addiction

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