Dear Visitor,

I am beyond excited that you have decided to check out JUDAH Fellowship Christian Church. This ministry was birthed out of the vision that we would be a safe and welcoming place for everyone. Please take this opportunity to learn about our history, understand what we are all about, and even potentially learn something about yourself as well.

pray-over-shaneaJUDAH Fellowship Christian Church is DEDICATED to being:

  1. A voice in the community.
  2. A leader in justice.
  3. A beacon of hope & love for the wounded.
  4. A true witness of the gospel message of Jesus the Christ.


Please know that God wants relationship with you, God wants you to be connected to a church family that will nurture you, feed your spirit, and love you unconditionally. Thanks be to God, you have found that in JUDAH Fellowship Christian Church.

Grace & Peace,

Rev. Shanea D. Leonard, M. Div.
Pastor, Judah Fellowship



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